AnimeJapan 2016


Here, we present a post-event report of AnimeJapan 2016, World’s largest anime event at Tokyo Big Sight, held from March 25th (Fri) to 27th (Sun) in 2016.

AnimeJapan 2016

AnimeJapan 2016 ends in a great success, bringing together 135,323 people under one roof (11% increase from last year)!
Next year’s event is confirmed for March 2017!!

AnimeJapan 2016 ended in a great success, bringing together 135,323 visitors (11% increase from last year), making it the largest turnout to date. The event, which is also the largest of its kind in the world, was held at Tokyo Big Sight over three days from March 25 (Friday) to March 27 (Sunday).

The event was attended by 174 of Japan’s best known anime businesses and organizations (149 companies and 137 booths in the Main Area and 43 companies and 39 booths in the Business Area).

In the Main Area, the event was brought to life by various stage events and a truly unique range of exhibition booths displaying anime works, selling merchandise, and promoting all kinds of content and services. Things were also lively in the Business Area, with domestic and international anime businesses holding consultations and exchanging information, culminating in a bustling, packed-out event with more visitors than the previous year.

The Family Anime Festa 2016, which was held for the second time, featured a splendid array of popular productions aimed at younger viewers and plenty of exciting entertainment, including a workshop station, stage events, and food stalls. The number of visitors was up to around 2.6 times last year.

With our sights set on an even more fascinating event next year, we have decided to hold AnimeJapan 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight over three days from March 24 (Friday) to March 26 (Sunday), 2017.



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Open Stage

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Main Area

Food Park

Collaborations with six popular animes, including Mr. Osomatsu and Is the Order a Rabbit?! The unique AnimeJapan food menu enjoyed a favorable reception!

Containing copious amounts of anime, AnimeJapan’s first Food Park were provided at two locations inside the venue, East Exhibition Hall 3 and East Exhibition Hall 5. The visitors were highly satisfied with the Food Park, where they enjoyed special dishes created in collaboration with several popular anime productions.

As well as the Mr. Osomatsu Oden and Seven Deadly Sins Homemade Corn Soup, which offered warmth to the visitors at a cold time of year, the menu included Silver Spoon Pizza and WORKING!!! Cheese Curry, for which the ingredients’ production areas were considered along with the concepts and worldscapes of the anime. In addition, Blood Blockade Battlefront Cheese Burger and Did You Order a Rabbit Napolitan were inspired by menus that appear in the productions themselves.

The dishes on offer not only fed the hungry guests but also gave them a chance to absorb themselves in these anime worlds through the packaging and appearance, helping to make the Food Park a huge success.

Food Park Theater

The SUGOI JAPAN Award2016 top 5 anime works were screened together at the Food Park Theater

Another highlight of the Food Park was the two Food Park Theater, where the top 5 anime works chosen for the SUGOI JAPAN Award2016 on Mar 22nd were screened twice a day for two days. All of the works were excellent, including the winning production, Your Lie in April, SHIROBAKO, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!, Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, and PSYCHO-PASS 2. Passersby stopped in front of the screens to watch the defining episode of each work as diners momentarily put their food on hold and watched seriously, becoming absorbed in the worlds unfolding on the screen.

The SUGOI 20 candidates works were also displayed near the screens in four genres: manga, anime, ranobe (light novels), and entertainment novels. Countless passersby could be seen picking up and enjoying the works on display.

Cosplayers’ World

A wide variety of popular characters came out in style for the AnimeJapan 2016 Cosplayers’ World!

Building on last year’s event, Cosplayers’ World welcomed all kinds of popular characters as the cosplayers—looking as if they had been plucked straight from the anime world—brought the venue to life with their colorful costumes. Moreover, the newly introduced Outdoor Cosplay Area meant that the cosplaying took place over a wider area than in the past. Both the indoor and outdoor areas were lively over the three days with many cosplayers and camera operators making their entrances in the afternoon.

Building on previous years, the Indoor Cosplay Area played host to the Anime Official Situation event. The event had wide appeal: many passersby could be seen taking photos in front of sets and backgrounds inspired by Mr. Osomatsu and Sword Art Online, not to mention the cosplayers themselves.

In addition to well-known productions, such as Lupin III, ONE PIECE, and Sailor Moon, a wide variety of characters, both old and new, paraded around the venue, including some from recent works such as Dagashikashi, Aikatsu!, Girls und Panzer, Monogatari, Noragami, and Touken Ranbu, the variety of costumes on display offering an indication of anime’s broad appeal.

Premium Collaboration (Traditional crafts × Anime)

Special collaborations between traditional crafts and anime works, from Rascal the Raccoon to Special Touken Ranbu ONLINE!

The Traditional Crafts × Anime corner featured an extensive range of special edition merchandise exclusive to AnimeJapan 2016. Since all of the items were hand-made, they could only be purchased within the venue. Many visitors also made the most of this valuable opportunity by carefully photographing the items one by one.

Rascal the Raccoon appeared in collaboration with Kagawa lacquer (from Kagawa Prefecture) along with a beautiful floral pattern. The small plates had a loveable warm feeling anime that matched the world portrayed in the anime.
Moreover, the hand mirror display developed in collaboration between Special Touken Ranbu ONLINE and tamamushi-nuri lacquer (from Miyagi Prefecture) particularly drew the attention of visitors during the event. The beauty of the item was also augmented by the display, which featured three colors side-by-side. This display was particularly popular among female guests, who waited in line to take photos.

In addition, scores of fans stopped to look at the other combinations of representative Japanese culture, including handkerchiefs in collaboration between Mr. Osomatsu and Kyoyuzen dyeing (Kyoto Prefecture) and bowls by Naruto Shippuden and Iga-yaki pottery (Mie Prefecture).

Premium Collaboration (Collab 10 Selections)

A showcase of collaborative works bringing animation to life!

Near the entrance to the Collab 10 Selection corner, there was a display of nine nebuta floats featuring μ’s members made in collaboration between Love Live! and the Nebuta and Neputa festivals of Aomori and Hirosaki respectively. Scores of visitors stopped to take photos and stared transfixed at the larger-than-life floats.

What first caught the eye in the Premium Collaboration corner was the Toyota AURIS, which wasdeveloped in collaboration between Mobile Suit Gundam and Toyota Motor Corp. Characterized by the use of color perfect for Ace Pilot Char, like the Love Life! collaboration, this display clearly stood out as a centerpiece of the corner.

For Collab 10, we also introduced a collaboration project between Attack on Titan, a work which is still fresh in the memories of anime fans, and 7-Eleven. While this was a large campaign featuring a wide range of merchandise, especially eye-catching were the life size figures of Eren and Levi.


Featuring an extensive lineup of productions, from hot new works to movie versions of Japanese classics!

The WALL OF ANIMATION 2016 displayed 128 anime posters, including movie, TV, and OVA productions. The lineup featured a wide range of productions from popular hits at Winter Cool to the hot new Spring Cool works and movie versions of Japanese classics. Each of the works displayed a completely different worldscape or concept, resulting in a refreshing corner in which visitors could experience a panoramic snapshot of anime today.

The displays included a large number of posters flamboyantly depicting each production, including designs in which the characters took the spotlight and impressive landscape drawings.

The posters grabbed the attention of passersby, many of whom stopped to take commemorative photos in front of their favorite works. The wall also served as a kind of notice board as some visitors learned about new animated versions and movies by observing the posters.

Creation Area

Creation Stage

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Production Works Gallery

Introducing the “drawing” and “fine art” of an extensive lineup of distinguished creators

In the Creation Area, a first for 2016, we adopted the theme “Admiration for Anime Creation,” and in the Production Works Gallery section, we introduced the work of distinguished animators with a focus on “drawing” and “fine art.” In cooperation with the editorial division of the monthly magazine Newtype, we showcased the work of 15 animators and 8 art directors and exhibited their best and latest productions in a question panel on topics such as “background,” “favorite works,” and “mental attitudes.”

We placed iPads containing the original picture data under the animator panels and ran an exhibition where visitors could experience the fascinating movements through frame-by-frame playback.

The numerous creator introductions and extensive production exhibition succeeded in drawing in a never-ending flow of aspiring animators.

Career Counseling Service

Teachers from specialist schools and colleges were on hand to provide sound career advise to aspiring animators

At our Career Counseling Service booths, teachers from specialist schools and colleges provided career advice to students and other individuals aspiring to work in the anime industry. Three schools, Nihon Gakuen Kogakuin, Tokyo Net Wave, and Tokyo Gakuen Film Techniques Training Colleges/Toho Gakuen High School, hosted booths, where they offered careful advice to aspiring animators. The change in the participants’ expressions before and after the consultations was an arresting sight.

There was also an exhibition based on the theme of “World of Anime Creation,” which explored the anime creation process and the issue of career development. Under the supervision of Eiko Tanaka, producer of STUDIO4°C, the exhibitors explained the roles of animators in each section and the issue of career planning in a single panel.

Business Area

Business Area

3,309 visitors (32% increase from last year). A lively, bustling event attended by anime industry officials from Japan and overseas

The Business Area, located in the Reception Hall on Floor 1 of the Conference Tower, had a fantastic turnout, with as many as 3,309 anime industry officials from Japan and overseas in attendance. All of the free meeting spaces provided inside the hall were filled and many visitors could be seen talking while standing, making for a lively three days.

There were 39 exhibition booths. Since some of the exhibitions were jointly presented, the total number of exhibiting businesses and organizations was more than 40. Visitors from within Japan included video software makers, broadcasting companies, and advertising agencies, as well as a considerable number of businesses and large animation companies that have invested effort overseas markets for many years. Evidently, a large number of companies were enthusiastically engaged in developing new domestic and international businesses.

Moreover, the meeting spaces for buyers and the venue for AJ×JETRO Anime Biz Match were located next to the Business Area. Anime Biz Match primarily aimed to develop business partnerships betweeen Japanese and overseas companies and Japanese companies could be seen eagerly engaging in discussion with overseas anime broadcasting companies and distribution agencies.

In addition, building on last year’s event, our Anime Business Concierge service dealt with inquiries about anime business from other industries and various kinds of consultations. Around 230 people stopped by at the booth over two days.

By combining these functions, business encounters, getting-to-know-you meetings, and more detailed business talks were organically connected. The result was a comprehensive anime business event.

Reception Party

A networking opportunity for overseas buyers and AJ exhibitors

The Reception Party was intended as an opportunity for more casual exchange between event participants with chance to engage in communication in a way that would not be possible through the business booths and matching services. At the party, exhibiting businesses and overseas buyers came together and deepened their ties through networking and exchange activities.

Kenji Uchida, chair of the AnimeJapan Executive Committee, gave the opening address, expressing his gratitude for the support given to the event in its third year.

There was also a speech by Atsuo Hirai, Director of the Media and Content Industry Division of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which has been supporting the event. Hirai spoke about aspects of Japanese culture that are currently attracting attention around the world and stated his expectations for developing the anime industry, which, he stated, is a particularly important part of contemporary Japanese culture.

Family Anime Festa 2016

With around 2.6 times the number of visitors in 2015, visitors enjoyed an extensive lineup of popular children’s anime and a whole host of exiting activities!

This year, we not only offered free entry for adults but also provided Play Corners and a Kids Workshop Station, welcoming 2.6 times the number of visitors in 2015.

The event offered an extensive lineup of popular children’s anime and a whole host of exciting entertainment to keep the kids amused all day.

The Workshop Station was extremely popular and the hands-on activities were fully booked within a few hours. The traditional “Tegaki Yuzen” handkerchief making workshop was particularly impressive, as the children could be seen with taking their handkerchief making rather seriously before revelling in their final creations.

The Family Stage welcomed lots of popular anime characters and hosted character shows and a quiz competition. Some of these stage events were so popular that visitors had to watch the shows standing up because the seating area was full. The children’s excitement went through the roof as the characters made their way onto the stage. Some of them even jumped for joy.

Moreover, the newly introduced Family Food Park was so popular that some of the dishes even sold out.

Night Fes

AJ Night 2016

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Anisong Club!

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