Here is Everything about Anime. AnimeJapan 2018 2018.3.22[THU]-25[SUN]

AJ NightAnimeJapan 2018 Saturday Night Fest! Anisong Club Night is Coming up!
Produced by the world's largest anime convention "AnimeJapan", a long anticipated anisong club night will have entertainment such as DJ performances and live concerts by singers, ready for our precious anisong fans.


  • Yurika Endo &DJ Kazu

    Yurika Endo &DJ Kazu

  • DJ WILDPARTY with Luce Twinkle Wink☆

    DJ WILDPARTY with Luce Twinkle Wink☆



  • motsu×DJ KAYA

    motsu×DJ KAYA

  • DJ HACK (Opening Act)

    DJ HACK (Opening Act)

Live Act

  • Asaka


  • Kaori Ishihara

    Kaori Ishihara

  • D-selections


  • Dōbutsu Biscuits×PPP

    Dōbutsu Biscuits×PPP

  • 22/7


  • Mia REGINA

    Mia REGINA


  • Susuke




  • Routes


Ticket Information

[Ticket Information]

Price: ¥6,480 (tax incl.) + 1 drink charge *Standing-only


<Advance Reservation on AnimeJapan Official Website>

Feb 9 [Fri] 19:00 ~ Feb 18 [Sun] 23:59, 2018
*Please note that pre-reservation of ticket is lottery-based.

●Contact window
[Ticket Pia][both computer & mobile]

*Maximum 4 tickets per person.

●Other details
*Winners and reference numbers will be carefully selected after the sign-up period. Please not that the lottery is not first-come-first-serve basis.
*In order to sign up, you must register for pia membership (free).
*As for sign up process and purchase precautions, please refer to the contact window webpage.
*"AnimeJapan 2018" admission ticket will not let you enter "AJ Night 2018" and vice versa.
*When purchasing tickets, additional system usage and deposit fees may be charged. Please check with your the website you purchased from as their procedures may vary.
*Purchasing tickets for reselling purpose is strictly prohibited.
*Refunding after the purchase will not be accepted regardless of reasons (natural disasters, traffic accidents, etc.).
*Lost, stolen, damaged tickets will not be reissued.

[On-Site Ticket Information]

¥7,000 (tax included) + 1 drink

●Sales Date & Location
March 24 [Sat] 5am~ at AnimeJapan 2018 door ticket box office at Tokyo Big Sight
March 24 [Sat] 15:30~at door ticket box office at Toyosu PIT
*tickets available at AnimeJapan 2018 venue are “exchange tickets.” You will need to exchange them for numbered-tickets at AJ Night 2018 venue (Toyosu PIT) box office after 15:30.

●Other Details
*Purchasing tickets for reselling purposes is strictly prohibited.
*Returning and converting after the purchase will not be accepted, regardless of conditions including natural disasters or traffic accidents.
*Lost, stolen, or damaged tickets will not be reprinted.
*Admission tickets for “AnimeJapan 2018” is not valid to enter “AJ Night 2018.” “AJ Night 2018” tickets will also not be valid for “AnimeJapan 2018” admission.


Title AJ Night 2018
[6-1-23 Toyosu, Koto-ku Tokyo]
Date Mar 24 [Sat] Opens 16:30 / Starts 17:30 / Closes 21:30 (TBA)
Program DJ performance / VJ performance / Live concert
Hosted by AnimeJapan Organization
Produced by Pony Canyon Live Entertainment

*Contents are subject to change.
*Images are for illustrative purposes only.



【Live Act】