Here is Everything about Anime. AnimeJapan 2019 2019.3.21[THU]-24[SUN]

Together with the theme "ROCK" in AnimeJapan 2019, we will carry out a national standardized test "Anisong ☆ KingDAM".
For the first time in history of AnimeJapan, this is a serious quiz tournament to test and compete your knowledge in "Anisong".
Those who love anime and Anisong nationwide, those who are very knowledgeable in Anisong, those who just want to try anyway even without much knowledge, we are waiting for a lot of competitors!
AJ2019 National Test: Anisong ☆ KingDAM supported by Lis Ani!


【Quiz Available Period】

Feb.9 [Sat] 13:00 (scheduled to start) - Feb.24 [Sun] 18:00

*Please note that there may be heavy access traffic before the quiz period closes.

【Entry Requirement】

There is no specific requirement to participate Anisong ☆ KingDAM conducted on the web.
However, in order to participate in the final match of Anisong ☆ KingDAM during AnimeJapan, it is mandatory that you can be physically present at the designated stage show.
Please check the precautions below for other information about the final.


It is quiz about anisong and anime.

【Grading Policy】

①Number of correct answers
②Speed until the submission

* Time counting will start once you click the "Start Answering" button on the special website, until you submit the answer.

【Result Announcement】

①Result announcement:
Mar.11 [Mon] 13:00, 2019 ~ We will announce high achievers' nickname and examinee number on the web.
②Announcement of the finalists:
Administrative Office will email the selected finalists by Mar.11 [Mon] 13:00, 2019.
If you did not receive our contact by then, please assume not selected.


◆High achievers (69 people):
Nicknames will be presented at the time of result announcement.

◆Top 3 high achievers / finalists participants:
①Advance to the final match
You can participate in the final match (on Mar.24, 2019) at "AJ2019 National Test: Anisong ☆ KingDAM". Your intention to join will be confirmed at the time of account registration.
②Premium Admission Ticket x 1

  • Effective in Main Area for both days (Mar.23 [Sat] & 24 [Sun])
  • Access to the front seats on every AJ "ROCK" Stage program
  • Special entrance gate from the regular attendees
  • Presenting an exclusive AJ2019 admission pass with your picture!
  • Premium gifts to be handed over

*Those 3 finalists will be selected based on their number of correct answers and finishing time.


  • You must register for account on the special website.
  • Each person can register for only 1 account as a general rule.
  • It is open to all ages and nationalities. However, because the quiz will be conducted in Japanese (some content may use non-Japanese languages), those who understand Japanese will be in advantage.
  • When you have to restart the quiz due to network errors, heavy access traffic, or other reasons, the system will still continue counting your time.
    The organizers and administrators will not be liable to any of these communication issues as well as failure to complete the quiz.
  • The result of quiz and the final match may be covered on videos/pictures through news, official website, or TV programs. Please note that no compensation will be made for these usages.

About participating to the final match during AnimeJapan on Sunday, March 24th.

  • Elementary school students and under can not participate in the final.
  • Underage participants are required to submit the written consent from parent.
  • The organizers will not cover the transportation and accommodation expenses to the venue.
  • While the event is carefully operated, the organizers and administrators will not be held responsible to any accidents, injuries, etc. that occurred in and out of the venue.
  • Please note that we can not answer inquiries about the winning and failure status.
  • On the event day, please be sure to bring your ID (driver's license, passport, or anything that verifies your name and age).
    Failure to confirm your identity will result in declining the participation.
  • Although the finalists will receive the Premium Admission Tickets, we will not refund the tickets they already purchased.
  • In the AnimeJapan 2019 venue, please follow the staff's instructions.