Here is Everything about Anime. AnimeJapan 2018 2018.3.22[THU]-25[SUN]

Food Park supported by d AnimeStore

In 2018, AnimeJapan commemorates its 5th anniversary.The organizers will present further evolved programs full of entertainment, more than those from AnimeJapan 2017, inside Main Area (East Exhibition Hall 1-8).Special 5th anniversary programs are rolling in! Stay tuned for the projects to enjoy anime in various ways.


NEETball Curry Rice

Six big meatballs covered with a mild curry blanket.

Pricecoming soon

Gin-san's Bokken Churros

For those in need of a dose of sugar. Long bokken shaped cinnamon churros coated with cocoa sugar.

Pricecoming soon

「Blood Blockade Battlefront & BEYOND」
Jack & Rockets Cheeseburger "Hellsalem's Lot Special"

Special burger with sauce covered thick patty and melted cheddar cheese in a soft bun.

Pricecoming soon

「Is the order a rabbit?? -Dear My Sister-」
Rabbit House Sandwich

Egg omelet, potato salad, ham & cheese, tuna sandwich box.

Pricecoming soon

「THE MOVIE Fate/stay night[Heaven's Feel]」
Kirei Kotomine's Mabodofu Don

Spicy Mabodofu Don with soft tofu and minced meat. Extra hot spice available to your liking.

Pricecoming soon