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Food Park supported by d AnimeStore

Heart-satisfying collab food is available. Food Park isfurther enriched to meet various demands.

Collaboration Food

Please enjoy the delicious and aesthetically pleasing anime collaboration menu you can only experience at AnimeJapan!

Novelty Gifts!
Get a collab-food and receive an original coaster related to the menu!

NEETball Curry Rice

Six big meatballs covered with a mild curry blanket.

Price¥950(tax incl.)

Gin-san's Bokutou Churros

For those in need of a dose of sugar. Long bokutou shaped cinnamon churros coated with cocoa sugar.

Price¥600(tax incl.)

「Blood Blockade Battlefront & BEYOND」
Jack & Rockets Cheeseburger "Hellsalem's Lot Special"

Special burger with sauce covered thick patty and melted cheddar cheese in a soft bun.

Price¥950(tax incl.)

「Is the order a rabbit?? -Dear My Sister-」
Rabbit House’s Sandwich

Egg omelet, potato salad, ham & cheese sandwich box.
※The actual product will be served in a package.

Price¥700(tax incl.)

Honmaru Miso Ramen

SHOKUDAIKIRI MITSUTADA's special ramen with appetizing miso aroma, loved by OODENTA MITSUYO, SOHAYANOTSURUGI, and MAEDA TOUSHIROU.

Price¥900(tax incl.)

「Fate/stay night[Heaven's Feel]」
Kirei Kotomine's Mabodofu Don

Spicy Mabodofu Don with soft tofu and minced meat. Extra hot spice available to your liking.

Price¥900(tax incl.)

Non-Colab Manu

Rice ball set

Price¥400(tax incl.)

Hot dog

Price¥400(tax incl.)

Food Truck

More tasty dishes besides collab ones!
※The following are for illustrative purposes.

Assorted fish bowl

Price¥900(tax incl.)

Brownsugar tapioca latte

Price¥700(tax incl.)

Chicken herb taco

Price¥600(tax incl.)

Banana chocolate whipped cream

Price¥450(tax incl.)

Original collab drinks on sale!

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Price¥600(tax incl.)

※These images are for illustrative purposes only. The actual products and prices may vary.