Here is Everything about Anime. AnimeJapan 2020 2020.3.21[SAT]-24[THU]

Famous illustrators and manga creators all get together for AnimeJapan 2020!
Unveiling the illustrations for the theme "Japan"!


Wallpapers Available for Download!

Illustrators / Original Illustrations

  • Namori

    A manga artist who serializes "YuruYuri" and " Omuroke" in Comic Yuri Hime (Ichijinsha). Active in a wide range of fields including drafting characters for TV anime.

    ▼Comments from illustrator▼
    I really like the combination of girls and kimono…


  • Naruko Hanaharu

    Debuted in 2002 with "Comic Kairakuten". Worked on character drafts for the anime " Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet" and " A.I.C.O. -Incarnation-".

    ▼Comments from illustrator▼
    Rice balls are salt-flavored wrapped in bamboo leaves. They taste better than usual this way. So, please try it. Also, I like the combination of kimono and casquette.


    ©Hanaharu Naruko
  • minato

    Illustrator. Worked on the original character design for "ReFlap" (2019~) and partial character designs for "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-" (2015~).


    ©AnimeJapan 2020 All Rights Reserved
  • Arina Tanemura

    Manga creator. Major works: "Phantom Thief Jeanne", "Full Moon o Sagashite", "The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross"

    ▼Comments from illustrator▼
    I just really wanted to express red. I tried the composition that shines red, and the arrangement that makes red look beautiful. Here I present my "Japanese red."

    Title:Yamato Nadesiko

    ©AnimeJapan 2020 All Rights Reserved
  • Mai Hanamura

    Freelancer with experience working as a graphic artist at game company. Mainly involved with character design and original drawings for consumer and application games.

    ▼Comments from illustrator▼
    I drew a favorite motif along the theme! I tried to add the element of "Japan" by combining the kimono's collar and belt with the sailor suit.

    Title:A cherry blossom hair accessorie

    ©AnimeJapan 2020 All Rights Reserved
  • Risa Ebata

    Animator and illustrator.
    Character designer for "Macross Frontier", "AKB0048". Character creation for "Last Hope", etc.

    ▼Comments from illustrator▼
    I scattered the work tools that we use for both new and old anime.
    I don’t think we use a lot of cells lately, but I hope there are people who can feel nostalgic, such as the gloves with its fingertips cut off... I really enjoyed drawing this!

    Title:Anime's Work Tools