AnimeJapan 2016

AJ Night

Saturday Night Fes by AnimeJapan 2016! Anisong Club Event Coming This Year!

On Saturday, March 26th, AnimeJapan 2016 is holding a spinoff program, live concert and DJ event at Differ Ariake.
This anisong club style event is produced by AnimeJapan, the largest anime festival of Japan. It will feature performance by DJs and singers and you will enjoy all those different styles.


  • motsu×DJ KAYA
  • Thank You! Love Live! μ's MIX by Re:animation
  • Yurika Endo & DJ Kazu

(in alphabetic order)

Live Act

  • Inori Minase
  • Maaya Uchida
  • Shiena Nishizawa
  • TRUE
  • Yuka Iguchi

(in alphabetic order)

Admission Ticket

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Notice: For those who purchased an ”AJ Night 2016” and “Anisong CLUB!” all-inclusive ticket.

You can receive your admission ticket for “AJ Night 2016” starting from March 25 [Fri] 16:00, at the venue’s main entrance (location will move to the lobby once doors opened).
* You will receive an admission ticket in return for your exchange ticket.
* The exchange ticket does NOT let you enter “AJ Night 2016.” You must receive the admission ticket prior to entry.
* Lost, damaged, or forgotten tickets will not be replaced.
* Ticket serial numbers are random. You cannot choose your own numbers.
* Ticket exchange is also open on the day of “AJ Night 2016” at the venue’s main entrance.

About sales of “AJ Night 2016” casts CD/DVDs and items.

CD/DVDs, and other items featuring the ”AJ Night 2016” cast will be on sale at the venue.
Advance sales begins at 16:00 during the event. We look forward to your visit.


AJ Night 2016
Differ Ariake [1-3-25 Ariake, Koto-ku Tokyo]
March 26 [Sat] 2016 Door Open at 17:30 / Begins at 18:00 (Tentative)
DJ performance / Live concert
Application opens on February 1st.
Hosted by
AnimeJapan Organization
Produced by
Pony Canyon Live Entertainment



DJ WILDPARTY is one of the top DJs that will lead the next generation. His expertise goes across anime, electro, video games, and even J-POP. After his debut with “MOGRA MIX VOL.1” in 2012, he showed up in ANIME EXPO in LA. In 2013, he released “Emotional Joint”, “VS [Versus]”, “TSUTAYA Limited NON STOP MIX” by and a lot more.
In 2014 and 2015, he played a multiple mega EDM fests including “electrox”, “ULTRA JAPAN”, and “Electric Zoo Beach” and released 2 official DJ MIX works; “ULTRA ORANGE MIX!! 01~P’s ANISONG~” and “WARNER BROS. HOME ENTERTAINMENT ANIME THEME SONG SUPER MIX”. He has collaborated with the renowned artists including RASMUS FABER, fripSide, Mami Kawada, and ALTIMA. DJ WILDPARTY is seen as Japan’s top cultural leader.
HARD STUFF is a unit by two members. Kazuya Takase, a main composer and a producer, is the head of the music creator group “I’ve” and is known for a number of masterpieces. Tomoyuki Nakazawa is a multi-talented artist who is capable from smooth and emotional melody to strong rock impact. In April 2014, they released “Luding Out” followed by composing for “verve-circle” series and “master groove circle” series. Lately they are actively involved with events and live concerts with DJ style performances.
motsu×DJ KAYA
motsu is a Japanese rapper from ALTIMA and ex-m.o.v.e, well-known to play Japanese cultural events throughout the world, with his performing skills and long experience in rap / dance music since their beginning in Japan. DJ KAYA, the leading Shibuya-based DJ, has always created a big movement in VOCALOID, J-POP, and anime songs both domestic and overseas. Two of the best guys are now teaming up to present - motsu x DJ KAYA ”JAPANATION”
J-POP, dance music, anisong, and VOCALOID…
Cross-genre choice of music by DJ KAYA and special live plus more by motsu!
From Sweden to Singapore, Brazil to Peru, their successful tour SHOWTIME [motsu×DJ KAYA “JAPANATION”] is now coming to Japan!
Thank You! Love Live! μ's MIX by Re:animation
Re:animation is an urban DJ event that connects anime and club. DJs not only play anisong and soundtracks, but also techno, house, and trance music mixed altogether.
The event was held for the first time at Kabuki-cho, Shinjuki in 2010, gathered 1,000 audiences. USTREAM streaming recorded the best one on-time viewer numbers in the world. The venue was shifted to Nakano after the 5th opening and the 8th event gathered 3,500 audiences. With the free-admission system by cloud-funding, it is now seen as the most notable outdoor rave.

In this program, a resident DJ Goto Osama performs μ’s-only DJ MIX from “Love Live!”
Megsis is also coming up as an Opening Act DJ!

© 2015 PROJECT Lovelive! Movie
Yurika Endo & DJ Kazu
Yurika Endo
Yurika Endo won the vistory in the 2nd Pony Canyon Koetama Grand Prix Audition 2012.
Later she joined the duet "YURI*KARI" and covered the ending song "Kimi to Furari" for "The Severing Crime Edge".
She also made her seiyu debut as Haruno Yoshikawa in Ace of Diamond.
Produced by HISASHI from GLAY, she made to solo debut by "Monochrome Overdrive " for "Z/X IGNITION".
Endo also started her DJ career since the last summer, making her multiple talents along with seiyu and artist.

DJ Kazu
DJ Kazu made his first debut from J-POP MIX CD “J-Popper Legend” in 2008, the first J-POP DJ produced by Sony Music. Being a DJ since 2011, he started working as A&R for Sony Music as well.
From NHK “MUSIC JAPAN”, “ANIMAX MUSIX”, @JAM, and even Anime Festival Asia, he played DJ in a number of anime event across the world. He has released 18 MIX CDs, made it to a million hit by the beginning of 2016! DJ Kazu is coming to AnimeJapan 2016 to run his own booth!

Live Act

Inori Minase
Inori Minase became a voice actress in 2010. She is particularly known for acting Chino in “Is the Order a Rabbit?” and Jun Naruse in “The Anthem of the Heart”.
In December 2015, Minase made her long-dreamed artist debut on the 20th birthday.
Her various expression and singing skills, cultivated from seiyu career, proves she is a promising singer as well.
It is officially announced that her second single is coming up. She is no doubt one of the leading artists in the next generation.
Maaya Uchida
Maaya Uchida because famous in 2012 by playing multiple anime heroines in a row. In 2013, she was awarded with Seiyu Awards: New Face Award. In spring 2014 she made her singer debut by “Soushou Innocence”. She covered theme for “Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!” in October and “Comical Psychosomatic Medicine” in 2015 as the third single. Her first album “PENKI” hit the best 6th in Oricon weekly ranking. She played main characters in many series, released her photo album in 2014, and being successful with many other fields.
Shiena Nishizawa
Shiena Nishizawa is an 18 year old singer who won the victory in the first Flying Dog Audition in 2014.
Originally she learned to love music back in middle school days when seeing her father’s old guitar. Later, her dedication to music extended to singing, and started to look for an artist as her life goal.
On February 18th 2015, Nishizawa released the ending theme “Fubuki” for TV anime Kantai Collection. On November 11th, she released the second single “Brand-new World / Piacere” (opening for “The Asterisk War” / main theme for “ARIA The AVVENIRE”) and made a massive sales record. Her video on “Brand-new World” is viewed for 1,400,000 times.
Nishizawa is one of the most promising artists with her striking yet slightly ephemeral-sounding voice.
TRUE is an anisong singer who made her debut by “UNISONIA” for anime “Buddy Complex” in 2014.
After this success, she was chosen for various anime main titles or image covers, resulting in 5 singles and 1 album.
In February 2016, TRUE covered the songs “Hiryu no Kishi” for “Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle”, and ”STEEL – Tekketsu no Kizuna” for “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans”, leading her to gain more recognitions.
Yuka Iguchi
Yuka Iguchi made her solo debut by image cover “Shining Star-☆-LOVE Letter” for “A Certain Magical Index: The Movie – The Miracle of Endymion” in 2013. 5 singles, 1 album, and 1 Blu-ray/DVD were released so far. In 2015, Iguchi performed her first solo concert in Tokyo and Osaka. She held her birthday event in Tokyo Dome City Hall in July, and first show-up in Animelo Summer Live. In 2016, her first single, an ending title “Kawaranai Tsuyosa” for TV anime “Heavy Object” is to be released.